FAQS: Frequently Asked Questions

Updated (29 March 2013)

Q: Is the Patriot Academy closed?

A: Yes. The Patriot Academy opened in May/June 2009 and closed on January 12, 2013.

Q: How many students graduated from the Patriot Academy?

A: 504.
Q: Was the Patriot Academy accredited?

A: Yes. The Patriot Academy was an accredited high school by the Indiana Department of Education.  A copy of our accreditation is provided on the “About Us” page.

Patriot Academy
Q: Is the Patriot Academy a national program?

A: Yes, the Patriot Academy is a national program and accepts qualified applicants from all 50 states and 4 US Territories.

Q: Why is the military getting involved in education?

A: The Patriot Academy is helping to reduce the growing number of high school dropouts by encouraging students to stay in school and providing a second chance to those who quit and can’t go back.

Q: What does the program consist of?

A: The program is comprised of three tenets: (1) allow soldiers to earn their high school diploma, (2) expand on their military training and (3) participate in community service.

Q: How long is the program?

A: It depends on the credits needed by each student.

Q: How are the classes structured for the students?

A: The Patriot Academy class schedules are tailored for each student, allowing them to complete required classes they need to graduate.

Q: Is the entire Patriot Academy curriculum online?

A: Yes. However, we have military educators on staff who serve as tutors to students.

Q: Is the curriculum faith based or is there an option for students?

A: No.  The program is strictly secular and consists of approved core courses in order to maintain accreditation by the Indiana State Board of Education.

Q: When students complete the program, are they sent home?

A: Once students complete the program, they will ship to their advanced individual training sites and learn their job skill in the Army National Guard. These are skills that will help them land good paying jobs in the civilian world.

Q: What kind of life skills do students learn?

A: Students learn time management, personal finance, career planning and health & wellness among other things.

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