Military Training

TrainingIn addition to their academic studies, students at the Patriot Academy expanded on their military skills and improved their physical fitness.

During Military Training students rehearsed military tactics and critical battlefield survival skills, conducted drill and ceremony, and participated in field training exercises. Students were placed in numerous leadership positions where they planned, led their peers and executed training missions.

Physical Fitness Program

RunningNational Guard Patriot Academy Soldiers participated in rigorous physical fitness training 6 days a week. Physically fit soldiers have fewer injuries and illnesses, are more mentally alert, and productive. A good physical fitness program also promotes team cohesion and improves soldiers’ combat readiness.

Students took the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) upon reception at the Patriot Academy and once every month during their nine-month training period. The APFT consists of three tests, (1) Push up event, (2) Sit up event and (3) Two-mile run. Applicants must pass each event within their age group.

Students at the Patriot Academy consistently improved their APFT score by an average of 30 points over their last APFT during basic training.

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